I want to let you in on a little secret… My greatest aspiration is to be a sketch comedy/transformational coach who heals people simply through laughter.

Perhaps one day I will make that transition 😉

To me laughter has always been the best medicines I have up on my shelf.

And right now I think we could all use a spoonful of sarcasm and a hint of hilarity to soothe our struggling souls.

Because when I see a nurse on my Facebook feed with her black eyes from her mask pushing too hard down on her weary face, or I hear on the news that my home town NYC had its highest day of death, or I get a text from one of my closest friends telling me she herself has covid…

I want to cry, or scream, or hide under my covers until this all passes.

But…in 3 minutes I have to teach a webinar. What else is new.

So, I think to myself, when this webinar is over, I can go take a shower and feel my feels…but right now, I need to bring it.

So I change my state by…

Putting on a little Sebastian Maniscalco on Netflix:


Or I look up Laura Clery’s latest quarantine sketch on Youtube


Or I watch Tiffany Jenkins ( Juggling the Jenkins ) on FB, and crumble into side splitting laughter because she is definitely living inside my head.


They, along with all the amazing Doctors and Nurses on the front line, have become my some of my greatest hero’s during this dark night of the soul.

Oh….Here’s another secret….I’m hatching a plan to create some of my own sketch comedy skits while in lock down, possibly launch a comedic podcast, and I am in a collaboration to produce a “Laughter Heals” summit when this shit show is over.

Stay tuned for all of that.

I would LOVE to know what cracks YOU up too…any funny video’s you love…please send it to me here: JG@Jennifergrace.com

Once a week I shall be sharing them here, so we can all belly laugh until we can’t breathe.

It’s what we need to do.

– JG


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