Many students often ask me…

JEN How do you do it?

Here is my answer on what I’ve noticed about the secret to my success:

  1. I get up at 6:30am.
  2. I put me first by taking time to enjoy my coffee, to reflect on what’s going on with me personally in my journal, and prepare for my day with meditation.
  3. I have created a sanctuary, my home is always filled with fresh flowers, candles, and lovely scents of aromatherapy.
  4. I am crystal clear in my big vision and I reverse everything I do into small manageable action steps.
  5. When I work, I do it in chunks of non-interrupted, free of distraction time blocks. I handle or shut off anything that might make me go: Squirrel, Shiny Thing!
  6. I put my commitments before my comfort. Sometimes, I don’t want to put forth the effort, I’d rather surf Facebook, watch my latest Netflix show, or take a nap. Yet – if I have set a time to work on something I don’t put it off until when I “feel” like doing it…I just do it.
  7. I make no excuses. Excuses are simply fear of failure or fear of success hiding out underneath.
  8. When the fear of failure is real for me I ask myself; What is the worst that could happen if I fail? Then I ask myself, Can you handle that? The answer is always yes.
  9. I only work in Teams. Everything I do is a collaboration. It may look like I am a one woman show – but behind the scenes there are so many people that I call on for assistance, to partner with, and to co-create with. Working with others makes SHIFT happen faster.
  10. I ask for support. Lots of it. From my friends, my family, and my partner. I speak up when I need help and I don’t try to do everything myself.
  11. I push myself out of my comfort zone. I change things up – I do things that require me to be brave. Courage breeds confidence.
  12. I follow up. Always. I know that there are opportunities that come to us each day. More importantly I know those opportunities slip away when we don’t follow through on them.
  13. I don’t believe in competition. I feel as if there is enough for all of us. I don’t view anyone in my industry as a competitor. Simply as a soul sister or brother who also has come here to serve.
  14. I help others. I go out of my way to assist my family, my friends, and my community without expecting anything in return. I do this Often.
  15. I surround myself with people who love and respect me, and those who also want to make a difference and be the change.
  16. I hire mentors. I know that I am still learning, so I respect people who have accomplished more than I have. I hire them to guide and coach me to my next level.
  17. I rest. When my commitments are fulfilled I take time to relax and recharge in nature so I don’t burn out.
  18. I celebrate. When I accomplish things big or small I mark them with acts of vivacious celebration.
  19. I don’t take things personally. We make stuff up all the time which mostly isn’t the truth… it’s simply our assumption.
  20. I empower myself. I don’t wait for others to praise me. I tell myself everyday: You Are Enough. Period.

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