Mindful Musings by Jennifer Grace

Before I knew what is was that I was meant to do…there was this calling.  It started out as a whisper and eventually turned into a scream. Life was knocking, yet I had refused to listen.  There was too much fear and uncertainty. What would I be good at? Was there something I could love and make money at? What were my innate talents and gifts?

I remember reading back then…over 10 years ago…a quote by Buddha: “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”

That’s great Buddha, I thought…but how do I find it???  It felt like a quest…and annoying word problem from 7th grade math that I couldn’t solve.  It frustrated me to tears.  I wanted so badly to share my crea Save & Exit tive talents, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to make an impact. But How?  This calling kept me up at night where I would battle it out with the ittie bittie shittie committee that lived inside my mind.  It would say, “Just get a real job Jen.  You are divorced now, you have blown through so much money trying to “find your purpose” this is a stupid dream and you are not going to have enough money to pay the rent if you don’t stop daydreaming about a life filled with Rainbows and butterflies where you get to do what you love, travel the world, a work from the comfort of your home in your PJ’s.”

I had made the colossal mistake of listening to what everyone else thought I would be good at.
I had met a professional photographer who told me I would make a great manager, so I started PUSH Management, got her booked in three galleries in NYC, LA, and Wynwood until I realized I hated this grunt work and the managing of handling someone else’s logistics.

Then a friend asked me to start a non for profit to help Cervical Cancer Awareness, my best friend from childhood had just been diagnosed so I jumped in full speed without even knowing what running and operating a non for profit was all about.
Then lastly another friend said I would make a great spinning teacher at her gym, I got excited, trained and certified, and after about teaching 4 classes I knew this also was not my calling.

What the problem was…was that I was listening to what everyone else told me I would be good at…instead of tuning in and listening to my own intuition.

Finally, through an act of Grace I was led to take a course called CIJ (which I later became certified to teach) based on a course from Stanford University.  It was a master’s degree course in mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  Week five, of the eight-week journey, I popped by taking time to practice journaling and meditation…and I realized that my calling was to help others find their purpose.  My greatest talents were to motivate and to inspire.  Once I graduated from the course and get certified…I never looked back.  Here I am 10 years later living my dream, I get to do what I love, make a difference with others by coaching them online, and YES I get all from the comfort of my own bed in my PJ’s from ANYWHERE in the world.

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