Mindful Musings by Jennifer Grace

Is it Fate or Destiny? This is one of the deepest questions I ponder alongside; Why am I here? What happens when we die? Or my favorite one: Is this just a dream that one day we will all awaken from?
One of my best friend’s Michael Hilf, who is just as obsessed with these questions as I am, will linger for hours with me at lunch as we discuss the meaning of life over salmon on top of spring greens while sharing an order of shaved Brussel sprouts…(but of course).

The concept of, “This is just a dream, or a movie (reality) and we are simply watching the playback… that we are all already back home with (God/Source/Universe/Insert Your Own Spiritual Word Here) was when I read the book The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renault.

At the time I was knee deep in divorce. Waking up each morning at 4am with fear in my throat, fog in my brain, and sadness running through my blood. It was not a great time in my life shall we say. Reading his book and downloading this concept that perhaps our “reality” is in fact not real. That right now we are all in a hologram where it looks real, it feels real, but it ain’t real. It’s simply a dream and we are the dreamer dreaming it all up.

His book was so convincing that whenever the fear of not having money, never finding love again, or the ache of not figuring out what my life’s purpose was before I died would flood in, I would stop myself and say. “Yeah, but – it’s not real Jen…it’s just a movie. Remember?” Then a long sigh of relief would drop out of me, making room for some much needed peace, balance, and ease.
The book spoke about duality, separation, oneness. Based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, the premise was, we are all one love. There is no separation. We are in this very moment with God. There is nothing to fear. This dream we are dreaming will one day be over. Which will be the day when we fully wake up and realize that we are already home. In fact, we never even left.
It’s slippery fish stuff, I know. Hard to wrap your hands and mind around. You get it in an “esoteric sense” but it all goes out the window when you have real life “stuff” to deal with here on planet Earth; like not being able to pay your rent, getting heartbroken, finding out you have a horrible disease. Then the horror movie called “your current life “ sucks you back in again, and you forget, just like that, that you are in a movie theater in the sky simply watching the playback.

Aligning with this dreamer concept as “the truth” doesn’t let us off the hook of having to still participate in society. We have all apparently signed up for this dream, if we didn’t we would probably be on some other assignment of being cute chubby angels who hover over the rest us clueless human beings while we are on Earth sleep-walking through this so-called thing, we call life.
For some reason we have all chosen this collective dream and I am not crystal clear as to why.
Is it to learn virtues such as patience, tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness so that we can graduate into another dream of being enlightened awakened angels or masters?

We have all dreamed up evil characters like Hitler and Isis, for what reason have we done this?

Is it to reflect back our own hatred and our own fear?

Do we ascend when we can see that it was all just a dream, that every single event in our lives is written, produced, and directed by our higher selves to learn these lessons?

When we “get it” do we catch the flight back up to heaven, unpack our bags and have a good laugh about how we scrambled around down there and thought it was real, while ordering up a Pina Colada from the trendy heavenly bar in the sky with the really hot bartender who winks at us?

Who the fu*k knows?

For now, I am trying to enjoy this earthly experience as an infinite being in a finite world. When things get uncomfortable for me, the possibility that this is all just an illusion helps me breathe, get calm and centered, so that I can come up with a creative solution to get myself out of either the pickle I’m in, or move past the sorrow that sits on my sidewalk.

I happen to love dialoguing about these things, I find it fascinating and invigorating. Weather it’s with Michael at lunch, in the wee hours of the night in bed with my boyfriend, or online with my students, it fills me to deeply inquire and discuss the answers to these questions.

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