Mindful Musings by Jennifer Grace

Let’s face it…Mindfulness is the new kale.  It’s graced the cover of Time Magazine, the NFL and the NBA have instilled meditation into their sports psychology programs because they have found it helps players focus on the moment in front of them and stops negative self-talk, even the Mayo clinic is now prescribing 15 minutes of mindfulness a day because it increases patience, promotes creative thinking, manages symptoms of cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep problems, and tension headaches.

Mindfulness is now officially for the masses.

Look at the results that Tim Farris reported when he did a study on 200 executives, billionaires, celebrities, and athletes, all at the top of their field… 80% of them reported to have a daily mindfulness practice, so clearly, it’s not just for yogi’s anymore.
So what are the fringe benefits…

1. Being Present

Mindfulness is the art of being present, being in the here and now. Why that is so important is because if we are not in the present moment we are probably caught up inside of our minds worrying about the future and regretting the past. We also may be planning or having life review, which are necessary to either move forward, or to look at what worked and what didn’t work in the past free of judgment.

2. Lowers Cortisol

It’s when we worry and when we regret that the stress hormone Cortisol is released, and we know that stress is the number one killer in the US and can be connected to almost all disease. When we worry it triggers emotions such as fear and anxiety.  When we regret it triggers emotions like sadness, anger, depression, frustration, guilt, and shame.  The issue is – the past is gone, and the future not yet created. We spend useless hours ruminating on things we can’t control or obsessively thinking about future events that may or may not ever come to fruition.

3. Fosters Creativity

When we are consumed with worry or regret we are not clear nor are we creative.Many times, there is an issue at hand that we must put our attention to, yet rather to worry about our finances, for example, we could use mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence tools to let go of the stress and anxiety so we could think clearly about how to develop a new creative revenue stream.

4. Creates Clarity

We create our own stress. This is good news, because we can instead create our own peace. Whatever is happening outside of you is a reflection of the inner landscape that lies within.  If we can use practical mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools to manage our stress, to become more clear, calm, centered, and balanced, we will start to see a shift in out outer reality. The promise of creating more connection with our loved ones, more peace in our everyday living, and more joy with everything we do, lies in the power of practice.
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