Mindful Musings by Jennifer Grace

We all know that Happily Ever After doesn’t always pan out. Tinderella and Prince
Match.com don’t always ride off into the sunset, and well, that doesn’t mean it was a complete failure after all.

Many times people come into our lives for a moment of time to help us grow and
expand; then their duty is done.

Unfortunately, we often get so caught up in obsessive future planning of the “what
if’s” and the “might be’s”, that we miss the magic of the moment. Which essentially is all that really exists.

What about this…Happily Ever Now.

Being present with your partner.

Dropping all of the wonderings and worrying about if this relationship will or will not
last, and instead appreciating the fact that the person is actually here, now, standing
right smack in front of us.

The art of being in love in the present moment takes a bit of cultivation, a slowing
down, and it takes mindfulness.

Here are 4 powerful ways to get your relationship back to the here and now.
Pinch Yourself: Be grateful that in this moment you are together, notice who they
are and how they contribute to your life. Take time to appreciate their strengths,
their flaws, their attractive qualities, and their shortcomings.

Let it Happen: If you have just met, allow your love story to organically tell itself.
Stop trying to force the relationship to the next level without enjoying the stage
you are in together now.

Avoid Social Media: When you partner is trying to connect with you…limit your
attention to social media. Leave the phone in the car during date night; shut the
computer down when the sun goes down so that you can be present and available
for some evening magic!

Be Authentic: Take time to authentically communicate with your partner about
how you feel, especially when something is on your mind. Take a risk and allow
yourself to be venerable by communicating without blame or judgment, your true
needs and wants.

Happily Ever Now is a quite a magical place to be by simply being present and
learning to relax about the future.

Fairytales can and do come true, but who wants to get to “The End” that fast anyway!