Mindful Musings by Jennifer Grace

So if the movie you starred in during 2017 was titled, “One Hot Mess” I am certain you are ready for a change. Chances are you weren’t directing this horror film; it was more like you were sitting in the audience chair watching the, not-so-fabulous, scenes of your life unfold before you.

So here is the good news, and maybe the bad news too: You are creating your reality, (aka- the movie of your life) which is the bad news if you are starring in a really crappy B movie. But…with a little newfound clarity and intention, you can re-write the movie of your life to become the 2018 feel good film of the year! You just need a little help.

Enter Will and Grace. Remember that fabulous 1990’s TV show? And yes…they are back again!

Well, I’m not exactly talking about them, but they make a great analogy of what’s required to write, produce, direct this masterpiece called your life.

You can use the energy of Will to tap into your tenacity, perseverance, and your inner drive, to take that dream that is living inside your mind into reality.

You can use the energy of Grace for surrender, allowing, and not being overly attached to the outcome.
So here’s the movie magic formula: Will + Grace = The Life of Your Dreams

How to Work With Will:

Grace cannot arrive until you, and Will, have done the work. I always coach my student to first go through the following steps:

  1. Get clear. Use tools like mindfulness, meditation, and journaling to create a space for your dreams to arise.
  2. Use the powerful intention formula: I feel thrilled (or grateful, or at peace) that I am now_______________________. Use the blank to fill in your dream.
  3. Create a measurable action plan: The What, The How, The By When.:The What: To become a published author.The How: Get up early before work and write 500 words every day from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.By When: Complete 50,000-word manuscript by April 16, 2017

Ask someone to hold you accountable. There is power in sharing your dreams; you are more likely to accomplish them when you do.

How to Work With Grace:

Grace will arrive in unexpected moments, after you and Will have been hard at work. Grace will arrive when you believe, trust, and let go of attachments about how it will all work out.

1. Overcome the fear of change and the unknown.

Let go and allow. To live with Grace is to understand the concept of impermanence — which means that the ONLY thing you can be certain of is uncertainty and that nothing stays the same. When you embrace change and the unknown, you are embracing the natural flow of life!

2. Overcome the fear of failure and the fear of success.

Allow Grace to help you surrender by asking yourself in your journal this one simple question: What is the worst thing that will happen if I fail/succeed? Look at your answer; can you handle that? I think you can. 3. Overcome being a perfectionist. Let go of it being Perfect. If we wait until it’s perfect we might get to the end of our lives without ever living our dream. Let Grace gently guide you to release things in phases. For example launch “phase one” of that website, let people know you are still in process, but at least you have gotten your dream out there!

With Will and Grace by your side, 2018 is sure to get an academy award!

With Love,