Mindful Musings by Jennifer Grace

The art of staying neutral and dropping the rope has become my spiritual practice.
How transformed am I? The question I get to discover when I find myself in dead stop traffic, or if my stock investment just plummeted, or when my computer crashes… and I lose everything on my hard drive.

I watch the “reaction” bubble up in my belly, yet it no longer comes to a boil. It’s there like a quick flash of angry purple lightening and then in the next instant… it’s gone.

I have been practicing for 10 years now.

Back in the day, this Brooklyn girl would verbally rip you to shreds if you betrayed her family, herself, or her friends.
I had everyone’s back including my own. Fierce and quick were my comebacks, you best stay clear of this line of fire if you crossed me… or my peeps.

In this last decade the practices of meditation, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence has been my saving grace.

Now it has become a game.

How evolved am I?

I get to play.

Every day.

My bounce back time of getting irritated, or holding grudges for months and sometimes years, is now down to 30 seconds… at best.

Most times I stand in the chaos that swirls around me, unmoving, undaunted, frozen in…well…curiosity.
I get curious

Trick #1 revealed.

How fascinating that I have lost all of my money in this trade. 
How interesting that my new book that I have worked months on has now disappeared from my hard drive.
How curious that I will not make it on time for this important meeting because I am in Miami rush hour and have not moved an inch for 23 minutes and 36 seconds.

Then I fill in the blank using accountability, opportunity, or gratitude.

Trick #2.

I am accountable.  I invested this money. No one made me do it.  I am not a victim.  I choose to take a risk.  If you can’t afford to lose Jen, you don’t play.  True. Dat.

The book is gone. Now you get to dive in even deeper into that untapped well of creativity that lies within and write an even better book.

Thank you, Grace of God, for keeping me safe in this traffic, perhaps if I were moving swiftly, I would have gotten into a car wreck up the road.  I am alive and I am safe.  This meeting can be rescheduled. This isn’t as important as you think it is.
You can play too.

Begin with the small insignificant things.  See how quickly you can, “Drop The Rope.”

How you can swiftly win the tug of war with your mind.

The real trick is knowing that there is no war.  Unless… you create one. In every moment you get to choose, will you react irrationally and get angry and frustrated… or will you respond with accountability, inquiry, and curiosity?
In every single moment, we are all at choice.

So what do you choose?

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With Love,