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Grace and Gratitude Presents

{Re} Imagined Success

How to Create a Thriving Coaching Business Without Doing More

A Twelve Week Online (LIVE) Course
Led By
Jennifer Grace
Jo Englesson

Mondays, August 1st -October 24th 2022

The class, led and created by Master Trainers Jennifer Grace and Jo Englesson, is a crash course in awareness that will open up a new possibility for you to explore and re-design the context from which you live your life, giving you the power to create unprecedented success.

​Don’t miss the “Re-Imagining Success” 12-week training filled with on target insights and honest discussion. Be prepared to shift from doing to being. Master trainers, Jo Engelsson and Jen Grace, create a dynamic duo and use their life wisdom to light a path to living with a mindset of possibilities rather than a world of limitations. Because of this training, I am relaxing my need to control my destiny and now am growing space for creating my ultimate dreams. I count Jo and Jen as vital resources for any health, wellness and life coaches seeking to transform themselves first and facilitate their clients visioning. Come join the community of believers and win-winners.

Dr. Darlene Chambers, SPHR, NBC-HWC, HCI-CHWC

This is for you if you are…

  • Ready to awaken to the truth of who you are and live authentically and deserving of extraordinary success.
  • Wanting to live in confidence rather than fear, releasing everything that has been stopping you from having it all, and begin to live from certainty and abundance.
  • Ready to access enormous personal power by being responsible for EVERYTHING.
  • Committed to finding your key to freedom, success, joy and excitement though awareness of your own being.
  • Yearning to cultivate authenticity as a choice, rather than a feeling.
  • Looking for proof that you can actually have more by doing less.
  • Longing to connect with a supportive community and team to create success together by growing your business and closing more clients through the power of collaboration pods on social media!

In Part 1 (6 weeks) 

Led by Jo Englesson


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Week 1 – Introduction: 

We will go over what to expect and how to create maximum value. Jo Englesson will outline the intention of the program and set the context for the 6 weeks. Students may ask questions, clarify any points, and express their purpose in attending the training. A powerful learning environment will be created to create optimal results for everyone.

We will begin to explore:

  • how to listen effectively to produce the results we intend
  • how our interpretations of life affect the possibilities we see

Week 2 – WHERE am I?

In order to begin this journey of transformation, we will identify where you are today. This week is about discovery and awareness. 

We will begin to explore:

  • trust, honesty, and our relationships
  • choice and self-reflection
  • transformation vs change

Week 3 – Who WAS I?

This week we will explore to what extent has our past shaped the people we are? How do we design a future for ourselves that is unencumbered by this past? How do we produce a breakthrough in our lives by design, rather than by accident or circumstance?  We will explore a new way of framing forgiveness and look at where we hold ourselves hostage to our past. 

We will begin to explore:

  • fact vs interpretation
  • victim vs accountability context
  • is there really anything to forgive?

Week 4 – WHO am I?

Week 4 is about declaring yourself into the person you choose and then living life by accessing those qualities, regardless of circumstances, beliefs, and outside influence.

We will begin to explore:

  • your own key to your being
  • the power of declaration and how it is related to results

Week 5 – HOW am I?

We discuss and explore tools to a simple yet practical method for “being the best you can be” all the time. Setting aside excuses, justifications and stories that holds you back, even if you’re blind to them, we focus on the future and your heartfelt commitments. 

We will begin to explore:

  • How you are playing life
  • A Vision driven life
  • Yes – And tool
  • Moods and how to manage and get off them

Week 6 – Now I AM…

Given your 6-week journey into who you are, this week we will shape and solidify the future you that is the context for the goals you are committed to creating. 

This week we will:

  • Review and refine
  • Share our journey in a creative way
  • Graduate you and get you ready for the next 6 weeks.

In Part 2 (6 weeks) 

Led by Jennifer Grace


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Be held accountable and play TEAM to curate and create Instagram and Tik Tok videos to UP your social media game! 

Help each other grow our platforms by creating what’s called a Social Media POD

 ***A Social Media Pod is to reach the goal of mutual growth. Many people use Instagram/Tik Tok pods to help them access timelier engagement. The basic idea of a pod is for your posts to get more engagement so that you’re more likely to-grow your following faster. 

Week 1: Reels and Tik Tok Video Best Practices:

This first week we will be studying other creators in our space to get inspiration… plus to identify what types of videos get the most traction and go viral so that we can learn to do the same.

Week 2: Video Pre-Production:

This week we will be scripting out our videos that we will be shooting during our upcoming day-long batching day.  This way we will be able to make as many videos that we possibly can in one day. Plus we will be creating a juicy lead magnet that we can route people to with our Calls to Action to begin to generate leads.

Week 3 Editing:

Learning how to easily edit your videos from your phone so that we can begin to upload them and start the “like, share, commnet” with our assigned Pod Teams to increase visibility through group engagement.

Week 4: How to Generate New Leads From Video:

Create a marketing and sales strategy, along with a powerfully enrolling email nurture sequence campaign to start generating leads to then turn into paying clients. Learn how to use audience engagement tools like polls, surveys, and questions, run contests or giveaways, in exchange for follows and shares.

Week 5: Building Community by Going Live:

Once we grow our followers on both Instagram and tik tok – learn how to “go live” and earn tips + gifts from the people who are tuning in to learn from our wisdom!

Week 6: How to Convert New Followers Into Paying Clients:

Learn the 3 best staraties to get followers on the phone so you can close them with one of our fabulous five  curated sales scripts.


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The Part 1 Online Six-Week Course Led by Jo Will Run Live Online

August 1st – September 12th (No Class Labor Day Sept 5th)

11:30-1:30pm EST

The Part 2 Online Six-Week Course Led by Jen Will Run Live Online

September 19th – October 24th

12-1:30pm EST


Zoom meeting

Twelve 90-Minute LIVE online weekly Group Zoom Sessions with Led by Jen and Jo

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored as a team and learn with renowned Master Teachers Jennifer Grace and Jo Englesson in the comfort of your own home. Each class session will help you create the specific skills and abilities to uncover the deeper gifts of who you are and how to make your contribution real in the world with more fun and less effort!

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12 Recordings of Your Class Sessions

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored as a team and learn with renowned Master Teachers Jennifer Grace and Jo Englesson in the comfort of your own home. Each class session will help you create the specific skills and abilities to uncover the deeper gifts of who you are and how to make your contribution real in the world with more fun and less effort!

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Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises, practice new tools and answer questions in order to accelerate what you’re learning and integrate each lesson.


Office Hours

BONUS #1: (First 6 Weeks – Weekly Q&A Office hours with Jo!

Hop online in between classes to have access to Jo! Ask questions or do a deeper dive conversation with the material.

Value $750

Jennifer Grace behind her desk

Bonus #2 (Second 6 Weeks) Two Day-Long Batching Days with JG (Saturdays 10am-2pm EST)

Meet online and be held accountable to shooting your videos or batching any other content you need to create for your business! We will get more done in these batching days together, then we will in an entire month alone!

Value $1500

Source Movement

Bonus #3 Source Movement Online Recorded Course

A self-study course in awakening for individuals ready to ignite the spark of inspiration and purpose. Get clear on your vision for the world and examine five principles to live by in order to have that vision manifest. Redesign the way that you think, believe and act. Source Movement is a journey of awakening to your unique self and highlights the contribution you are in this world.

Value $297


When you enroll during this special limited 72 hour (By Wednesday July 27th at Midnight) launch period, you’ll get:

RE IMAGINING Three Month Program ($3000 Value)

Bonus 1: ( $750 Value)

Bonus 2: ( $1500 Value)

Bonus #3 ($297 Value)

When you add it all up that’s a total value of over $5500 And you get it ALL for just $597.00!

Need help ordering or have questions- email us at info@jennifergrace.com









We can’t wait to take you step by step through this powerful process
…it will be a journey you will NEVER forget!

Meet Your Trainers

Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace

Celebrity Coach Jennifer Grace, was named Miami’s number #1 Life Coach by New Times in both 2015 and 2017. She is a Keynote Speaker, Radio Show host, and Hay House author whose book, Directing Your Destiny was published in 2013. Her next book, Drop the Rope, will be released in Fall 2022.

Based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree Course “Creativity in Business” the program, CIJ Clarity Catalyst, helps students get crystal clear in who they are and what they want. It empowers them with practical mindfulness tools and proven emotional intelligence techniques to discover their next powerful chapter in their lives.
Jennifer is also a “coaches coach.” She is one of the key train the trainers of the curriculum. In last 5 years, she has certified 300 plus coaches on how to powerfully deliver the course and build a profitable group coaching business and brand.

She also works with corporations as a mindset coach such as: Prada, Facebook, Turner, HCI, Whycode, and EO (Entrepreneur Organization). Over the last eight years she has traveled to fifteen different exotic destinations, (including Bali, India, and Africa) She and her retreat participants have raised over $50,000 to help communities in need worldwide with her give-back retreats.

Jo Englesson

Jo Englesson

Jo Englesson, the founder of TOFA (Token of Appreciation) and GT Trainings, is a charismatic and joyful innovator and keynote speaker who creates peace in the world in the field of transformation and technology. She is the Author of the book Source Movement.

In August 2010, Jo founded the GT Trainings, a four-month, in person, leadership program creating leaders who want to make a difference in the world by “being the change.” More than 20,000 people have attended her in-person trainings. To reach an even bigger and international audience, Jo has now turned her focus to virtual learning models offered on the prime domain name, Gratitude.com.

Jo’s vision is to create peace on the planet in her lifetime. The core of her teachings inspires a contextual shift within each student, unleashing profound joy and setting the foundation for personal and public-spirited success. She explains that there are many creative ways to reach peace on the planet. We all have the power to create workability and peace in all areas of our lives, and when we authentically take that on, there will be a paradigm shift in the mass consciousness, and peace will be inevitable.

Jo has traveled the U.S. sharing her story and encouraging and inspiring people to live a life filled with Joy and Gratitude. She is a light in this world, and her charisma and loving heart is a catalyst for change and the context for a transformed world.