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Rhythm and Rhyme

RHYTHM + RHYME: Songs, Stories, and Spoken Word to Motivate and Elevate Nashville 

Hosted by Joanna Barbera and Jennifer Grace

Join us for May’s theme: Traumedy: Embracing Life’s Tough Lessons with Laughter.

Prepare to be moved and uplifted as we explore the theme of Traumedy – where life’s toughest lessons meet the healing power of laughter. Our talented performers will take the stage to share their stories of resilience, courage, and triumph, leaving you with a renewed sense of hope and joy.

From soulful songs to captivating stories and electrifying spoken word performances, this event promises to ignite your spirit and elevate your soul. Join us as we celebrate the magic of laughter in the face of adversity.

Share a 3-5 minute Song, Story, or Spoken Word Piece

Submission: write a short paragraph on what yours is about

Heal to Lead

Heal to Lead

This exclusive invitation to you to co-author a transformative book, “Heal to Lead,” alongside the esteemed Hay House Author Jennifer Grace. This collaboration is a remarkable opportunity for you to become a published author and elevate your credibility as an expert/coach/healer.

“Heal to Lead” is more than just a book; it’s a platform for sharing stories and insights from women who have navigated their own healing journeys to emerge as empowered coaches, healers and leaders. Your unique experiences and perspectives can inspire and guide others on their paths to healing and leadership.

What makes this opportunity even more exceptional is that “Heal to Lead” will be professionally published under Jennifer’s new publishing company, Raven + Grace Press. This means that your work will be backed by the expertise and reputation of a seasoned author, and the book will be distributed by a leading publishing house. This is not a self-publishing endeavor; it’s a chance to be part of a professionally curated and widely distributed publication.

As a first-time author, participating in this collaboration will significantly enhance your credibility as an expert/coach/healer. By sharing your story and insights in a professionally published book, you’ll establish yourself as an authority in your field and gain recognition within the coaching community. This can open doors to new opportunities, speaking engagements, and client referrals, ultimately accelerating your career growth.

To cover the costs associated with editing, cover art, distribution, and also receive 50 hard copies of the book, there will be a fee of $997 if you are selected. However, this is not just an investment; it’s an opportunity for a return on your investment. With the included 50 copies of the book, priced at $19.99 each, you have the potential to recoup your entire investment by selling them to your clients, followers, family, friends, and community.

All net proceeds of the book sold online and in bookstores with be donated to The Nashville Sexual Assault Center

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