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Cultivating the Creative Edge

Cultivating the Creative Edge

How to Tap Into Non Ordinary Staes of Consciousness to Take Your Coaching Business to The Next Level

1 Hour On Demand Workshop = 1 CE Credit for NBHWC

Join Hay House Author and Celebrity Coach Jennifer Grace, for an exciting, eye-opening training, based on a Stanford University Master’s Degree Course, Creativity in Business. This session is designed to unleash the creativity that lies within us all by delivering tools and processes on how to think “outside the box” and how to tap into newfound innovation and inspiration, to take your  business to the next level.

In this workshop you will learn practical tools to:

  • Accelerate getting into “Flow State” so that you can tap into creative and innovate ways of marketing your business to stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn about the Nuro Chemicals that get released during non ordinary states of consciousness and how to use them for a business advantage.
  • Manage Stress and Anxiety to help you to become more grounded and centered so that you naturally attract more client’s to you.
  • Understand how to use Non Ordinary States of Consciousness techniques, so that you can get stuck in your business.

You will leave inspired and motivated to take your coaching business to the next creative level!

**FREE for NBHWC Members
You will receive 1 CE Credit for the Course

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